Engineered Wood Floors Ideas

beautiful engineered wood floors

Engineered wood floors – The floor of multi layer engineering is more stable than a solid floor is used more efficiently raw materials and thus contributing to the preservation of natural resources.  Laminate Floor three alternating layers of solid wood, the top wear layer is made of carefully selected tropical wood or fine wood plantation, the middle and bottom layers are made of tropical wood or pine, the profile is dovetailing with micro to four sides.

Engineered wood floors is called flat those with composition layers of natural wood and feature an antimicrobial finish abrasion resistant, ultra resistant and (resistant to microbes providing protection for the whole family). The same is composed of ten layers.

Crisscross built with layers of natural wood that allows greater resistance to traction of natural wood, making it more stable and optimal to be placed in environments with adverse weather conditions.

Another important feature is that these engineered wood floors are pre-finished, that manufactures and come with a protection sheet through substrates such as aluminum oxide which protect the floor rough use and give it a satin finish or matte according to the case. With this we avoid the use of sandpaper, chemicals, varnishes etc.