Dark Hardwood Floors Ideas

dark hardwood floors for living room

Dark Hardwood Floors Ideas – There are many advantages that come with dark hardwood floors. One of the advantages is that the dark floor works very well in creating a rustic feel. It’s possible to create the rustic feel as you are able to replicate the grain of the floor using different décor accessories.

The dark hardwood floors make it possible for you to create a powerful contrast with the vertical surfaces such as cabinets, baseboards, and stair risers. In addition to this, the darker colors make it easy for you to transform your family room into a great relaxation area. Here the dark wood floor is complemented by a warm color palette.

Experts have found that darker floors tend to be much harder compared to their lighter counterparts. Due to this, you can be assured that your dark floor will be able to resist the impact of shoes and last for a long time.

From the above advantages, it’s evident that the floors are not only elegant to look at, they are also long lasting thus ideal to decorate your house with them. One of the major challenges with installing dark hardwood floors is light. Since they are dark, dark flooring tends to make your room appear darker.

This means that if your room doesn’t get a lot of natural light, you will have a problem seeing things in the house. To counteract this you should consider painting your walls with lighter colors.