15 The Right Way to Save Your Money Fast

Saving money is a good habit that has been taught since childhood. It is said that savings make people get rich faster and buy what they like. Simply, resist the urge, collect the money and keep it in a safe place. You can quickly save money in a bank or piggy bank or any other safe place.

In addition to collecting money, savings are also used as a means of saving and vigilance. No one knows when something unexpected can happen to someone. If you are not ready to save enough money, you will be confused about where to find money in a relatively short time.

But after all, the habit of saving money is not always possible for everyone. Some people find it difficult to save or save money because of their extravagant lifestyle. It’s also hard to get into this habit if you’re not used to it. So at what rate are you saving?

Here are 15 Ways to Save Money to Accumulate Quickly

1. Set an initial savings goal

The first way to save money fast is to set an initial savings goal. Before you collect money, you must first set a goal for the saving activities that you will do. For example, how to save money to buy a cellphone, laptop, car or down payment for a house. You can also save to build up an emergency fund or go on the Hajj to Mecca.

Knowing your goal first makes it easier to apply quick saving methods. You already know what you want, so you will be more focused on achieving your goal. Instead of saving without a goal, it is more effective to apply this method.

2. Determine the Amount First

After setting a goal, the next easy way to save money is to set a nominal amount that is charged daily, weekly or monthly. There is a minimum amount that must be collected within a certain period of time. This can stimulate the urge to save, when setting a goal.

Try to save under the same name so that you can collect money faster. This saving tip can be done at home by collecting the same amount each week in a piggy bank or elsewhere. If you have a lot, you can move it to a safe place like a bank.

3. Split your savings from the start

Another way to save immediately is to split your savings from the start of your payday. This saving tip applies to employees who get a fixed salary every month. Keep your money safe by splitting the money you save on your payday. Let’s say you run out of money, so you don’t have to think about it anymore.

Avoid saving leftover money, as unallocated money usually runs out halfway through. As a result, the planned quick saving method cannot be realized.

4. Secure your money in a hidden place

If you’re not good at saving money, it’s a good idea to put your money in a hidden place right away. Get the idea that you don’t have much money. This method can prevent you from spending money on things that are not important.

When you find the money, the hidden money might surprise you. But always remember where you hid your money.

5. Use an automatic savings system

Another quick way to save money is to use an automatic savings system that automatically debits your account directly. You can set a nominal amount that you will save each month to be charged automatically. There are many Indonesian commercial banks that offer this automatic savings product. Not only workers, but also quick savings with this system can be done by students, students and school children to meet their needs.

6. Keeping a key

Another way to quickly save 1 million rupees, 10 million rupees and up to 50 million rupees within a month, 6 months or a year is to secure your savings with the bank. Banks now have many savings products that offer a savings lock feature. Your savings are locked so you can’t suddenly steal the money. There are certain time periods that you have to fulfill to withdraw money, which forces you to save and accumulate money. You are forced to be in good control of your money.

A quick way to keep this system at home can also be done with a piggy bank. Choose a money box that has a lock and cannot be opened easily. As you can see, it will be difficult to withdraw money suddenly.

7. Keep spare change

It may sound trivial, but don’t underestimate small change. If there is any change in your shopping, save it immediately and keep it in a safe place. You have to keep these small change strong. Don’t underestimate the value of small change. If you collect them, they will be very valuable. Categorizing change is one way to store it quickly so you can try it out.

8. Save money with extra income

A way to save money immediately is to save money from extra income and work bonuses you receive. Extra income and bonuses are sources of savings that can be used to fund emergencies. Cultivate the idea that extra income is not for fun, but for retirement savings. You can make extra money through the internet without capital.

9. Use a savings app

If you are not good at saving money, you can use savings apps to save money wisely, carefully and quickly. There are many savings apps available to help you curb your spending, such as Spendee, Wally, and Dompetsehat. Knowing how much you spend each month will make it easier for you to save and economize.

10. Turn your savings into a real asset

The next easy way to save is to turn your savings into real assets such as gold and jewelry. This is meant to curb the urge to spend. Because you can’t easily receive money by turning it into real assets.

Converting savings into gold and other physical assets is an effective solution for those who have difficulty saving. Thus, you can still save without fear of spending money.
Separate accounts

Separating your spending account from your savings account is another easy way to save money. Separate accounts for travel, food, and future savings. This way, it will be easier for you to manage your money and savings.

Don’t occasionally save for a purpose that shouldn’t exist, as it can interfere with your goals. If you do this, then you will not succeed in your goal and how to save money fast.

11. Record all expenses and needs

This method is quite old, but it works well for those who are serious about saving money. You can monitor all financial planning activities by recording all expenses and needs.
For some people, recording all expenses and needs in detail is certainly complicated. Especially if you have to do it every day. However, this method can be used as an incentive to save.

By looking at your spending history, you can quickly see and notice when there are excessive expenses that interfere with your savings plan. So try to always record in detail your expenses and needs, yes!

12. Take advantage of discounts

If you’re the type of person who loves to shop, you can be sure that the urge to shop is hard to resist. After all, the money is already gone and you will find it difficult to save.
Therefore, take advantage of various discounts as a quick way to save money. Find shopping centers or online stores that offer discounts, cashback, etc that you can save money on.

13. Avoid a high lifestyle

One may find it difficult to save money because they are trapped in an expensive lifestyle. In fact, real rich people live without going overboard.

So you don’t have to adopt a righteous and excessive lifestyle. It is better to save money for more important purposes than wasting money just on your lifestyle. Avoiding a high lifestyle is one way to save money fast.

14. Unsubscribe from cable TV

Have you always subscribed to cable TV? Nowadays, cable TV has become one of the most popular pastimes when we are tired of everyday life. However, subscribing to cable TV can ruin your savings plan. Especially if you don’t really have a cable TV budget, but you have to.

The cost of subscribing to cable TV is good. Try turning your cable TV fee allocation into savings. Savings are guaranteed to be instantly disbursed. Therefore, unsubscribing from cable TV is a quick way to save any money you can.

15. Be careful when using credit cards

Credit cards can be a two-sided coin for these users. It can be beneficial, but it can also be detrimental. Credit cards can be profitable if used wisely. However, careless use can lead to financial loss.

Always pay your credit card bills on time to avoid additional fees and interest. Also, choose a credit card with features and benefits that best suit your needs. Also, if you have to pay the minimum amount every month, you should also look for a lower interest rate on your credit card.

By paying attention to your credit card usage, you can put the rest of your money into your savings, which means you have taken the savings method right away.